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CNIC Registration

NIC is the National Identity Card which is a moveable document in form of a plastic card. NIC has all the information of a person to show his identity. It is an authentic card which is acceptable by all the banks, air lines, the entire business corporation and all other institutes with in Pakistan and outside the Pakistan. If you are a Pakistani, you must have to get an Identity Card from NADRA to confirm your identity that you are a resident of Pakistan. This Identity Card issued by NADRA has all the information of the card holder like his or her full name along with name of guardian, residential address, gender, nationality, issuance date of card and expiry date of identity card. It is necessary for all the people to carry their identity card to show their citizenship.


In March 2000, NADRA has made Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) with new security level. NADRA (National Database and Registration Authority) was established in 1998 as National Database Organization (NDO). It issues CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card) to the citizens of Pakistan who are above of 18 years of age and are eligible for CNIC.



Procedure to get CNIC from NADRA:

  • For the issuance of CNIC, the candidate has to follow the steps authorized by the NADRA.
  • First step is to get Application Form for Data Acquisition at the (DAU) Data Acquisition Unit. In the first step, a citizen will get a token from the DAU and the Photo capturing process will be done by the NADRA authority, the Thumb and Signature Verification, Form Printing and Attestation of Form is included in the first step to get CNIC.
  • Second step will be done by the NADRA authority at its own Data Ware house for Data Uploading to the NADRA System.
  • In the Third step applicant will be asked to get Verify all is documents and Clearance Form from the ware house of NADRA.
  • After the verification done by NADRA, the procedure of Printing the CNIC will be started at Production of NADRA and finally applicant will get his CNIC.


Documents Required For Getting CNIC:

There are following Documents which are compulsory to show and attach with the application form of CNIC:

  • Birth Certificate or
  • Old NIC or
  • Matriculation Certificate or
  • CNICs of immediate/blood relatives
  • Citizenship certificate issued by MOI


Some points should be kept in mind before submitting application for CNIC:

  • No documents are demanded from illiterate applicant for age verification for first time.
  • Residents of FATA/PATA will only be entertained at their native DAUs and their forms will be attested by concerned PA/APA.
  • For further details about the procedure applicant can refer to the checklist in related downloads or can call to NADRA authority on its UAN 111-786-100.


Services Offered by NADRA:

NSRCs provide the following services for CNIC;

  • Issuance of new CNIC
  • Modification of CNIC
  • Duplicate of CNIC
  • Correction of Official Mistake in CNIC
  • Cancelation of CNIC (In case of death)         

You can get your CNIC with in the time of following delivery schedule set by NADRA:

  • 30 Days for Normal Application
  • 15 days for Urgent Application
  • And NADRA Queue priority for the Applications submitted on Fast Track for 15 days of less, as queued by NADRA.


NADRA CNIC Card verification

It has become very easy now to verify anyone if you are going to have dealing or are hiring him/her.

Simply verify their CNIC by sending an SMS to 7000.

Write CNIC Number without dashes and send it to 7000. In response you will get name and father’s name of that particular CNIC number holder (in urdu fonts).

For more details please visit:

National Database and registration Authority

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