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Fact Sheet: Access to Justice Project


Provision of equitable justice to all citizens is the adherence of social contract between state and its citizens. In the developing world this adherence has been diluted. This dilution is attributed to mistrust of the justice system leading to disillusionment. The citizens especially the poor and the vulnerable tend to lose their identity as citizens as a result of this disillusionment. The constitution of Pakistan guarantees this but weak capacity and other systemic problems of justice sector institution undermine this basic service provision. To ensure Access to Justice of Poor & Vulnerable in Pakistan, in July 2012, UNDP / UNOPS launched its Legal Empowerment of the Poor Programme in 16 districts across Pakistan including GB Region under which INP has contributed major achievements. 

- Insaf Network Pakistan, INP


Discussion: Absence of State’s Writ Fuelling Extremist Narrative


The media is not solely to blame for reinforcing an extremist narrative, it is the absence of the state’s writ which has led to its proliferation.

These views were expressed by participants at a discussion on “Media, Extremism and Islamic Narratives” at Insaf Network Pakistan (INP) on Tuesday.

In Senator Farhatullah Babar’s opinion, it is narratives in the name of Islam instead of narratives of Islam. He said the media had been coerced by extremists with no protection afforded by the state. “What do you expect in a country where cameras are insured but the people who use them are not,” he said. In this view this was one of the main factors which had created space for people like Mullah Radio and others like him. 




Press Release

Islamabad: A group of civil society activists and lawyers demanded that the pending bill against domestic violence should be ratified at the earliest by Senate of Pakistan. Insaf Network, Pakistan (INP) a coalition of nongovernmental organizations working in the area of justice and legal aid had organized a roundtable discussion on crisis of justice system on the occasion of International Women’s day. Raza Rumi, executive director of INP opened the discussion with a brief summary of why legal discourse covers high-level issues with superior courts and political cases. 



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